July 2017 - Metabo introduces 7.0 Ah and 3.5 Ah Compact Lithium High Density (LiHD) 18V Batteries.

With 100% longer run time than 5.2 Ah traditional lithium-ion batteries and 67% more power delivered, Metabo’s new LiHD 7.0 Ah battery pack is ideally suited for the high demands of today’s growing industrial cordless market. This is the industry’s standard-size 18V pack with the largest capacity.  Along with the 7.0 Ah battery pack, Metabo introduced a 3.5 Ah slim battery pack, it has more runtime than the full sized 4.0 Ah, thanks to LiHD optimizations.

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July 2017 - Metabo: Presents the Mobile Safety Training / Job-site Event Trailer.

The multi-purpose trailer is completely wrapped in graphics and features a high definition tv and sound system. It’s fully outfitted, and in a matter of minutes can be ready to showcase Metabo's range of products at open houses, special events, local and regional trade shows, job-sites and training centers. The trailer will be able to utilize on-site electric power or create its own with a propane powered generator, so it can be used inside or anywhere where power is inaccessible.

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June 2017 - Presents its range of beveling tools.

Metabo now offers two classes ofnbeveling tools, compact and large. Metabo’s compact beveling tools are designed for internal and external chamfering, and the larger class offers unlimited bevel angle customization for weld preparation..

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June 2017 - Introduces world's first 8-bay charger, 18V & 36V.

This charger can charge 18V or 36V batteries and is compatible with all existing Li-ion and LiHD (High Density) Metabo battery packs, including the NEW 7.0 Amp hour Lithium High-Density Battery. Charging time is independent of the type of batteries (18V or 36V) charging and number of batteries plugged in. There are LED indicators for each pack that let you know the battery’s condition and charge. Other user-friendly features include a handle for portability and wall mounting keyholes to save space.

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June 2017 - The new catalog can be found online under News / Media / Catalog.


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