April 2018 - Metabo Introduces their Flap Disc Line

“We are excited to introduce our new expanded line of Flap Discs. Flap discs are the perfect mixture of grinding and sanding discs. A grinding wheel can be too aggressive, and a fiber disc might not be aggressive enough on the material being worked or may not offer the longevity to get the job done. For example, if you want to grind down a weld seam flush but don’t want to gouge into the base material, flap discs are the perfect solution” said Hal Martin, Metabo’s Accessory Product Manager.

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March 2018 - Metabo not affected by the Hitachi brand name change to Metabo HPT

On March 12th, Metabo’s sister company Hitachi Koki Power Tool Co. announced that they will be changing their brand name in North America from “Hitachi Power Tools” to “Metabo HPT”. This change reflects the new partnership with KKR. This does not affect the original Metabo brand at all.

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Feb 2018 - Metabo Highlights from World of Concrete 2018 - Las Vegas, NV

“We had an incredible show at World of Concrete and received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our dustless concrete and masonry system offerings. Naturally, our focus was OSHA compliant dust collection systems and our safety features. For instance, we introduced our new 250 CFM HEPA vacuum as well as 18V 74 CFM vacuum. Second, we presented our latest problem-solving tools in concrete/surface preparation, masonry cutting and concrete/masonry drilling and breaking. And last, we showcased the quality and performance of our tools and what sets them apart from the competition”, said Antoine Derché, Metabo’s Director of Product and Marketing.

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Jan 2018 - Introduces its New Ergonomic Rat-tail Burnishing Machine

“Metabo’s powerful high torque, high overload capacity burnishing machine is made for productivity, control and comfort while working for longer periods of time. It’s perfect for grinding, burnishing, polishing and creating finishes, for example; a #4 finish on stainless steel or even a mirror finish,” said Terry Tuerk, Metabo’s Senior Product Manager.

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Dec 2017 - Introduces the 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer with Integrated Dust Collection

This Metabo saw has significantly more power than its predecessors with a high torque motor and a no-load
speed of 4,600 RPM, thanks to a completely re-engineered low-profile gearbox. It has an increased maximum depth of cut of 2-5/8" at 90° and a maximum depth of cut of 2-1/4" at 45°.

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Nov 2017 - Introduces 5” Variable Speed Concrete Renovation Grinder

“Metabo’s new 5” variable speed renovation grinder (RSEV 19-125 RT) makes removing old masonry layers, smoothing concrete or removing tile mortar or mastic fast, efficient and totally dustless. Typically, grinding these substrates is a tedious and dusty process. However, by combining the new renovation grinder with Metabo’s “best in class” HEPA vacuum and anti-static hose (which helps to prevent static electricity), Metabo offers OSHA compliance, the optimum solution for hand-held masonry grinding.” said Antoine Derché, Metabo’s Director of Product and Marketing.

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Nov 2017 - Introduces the 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer with Integrated Dust Collection

“The 18V Brushless Rotary Hammer with Integrated Dust Collection and HEPA filter (KHA 18 LTX BL 24 Quick + ISA 18 LTX) is the perfect solution to a dust free work environment, and ideal for electricians or any trades person drilling overhead.” “Without a tool like this, the dust created by drilling a single hole would drop onto the operator and go airborne.” “This rotary hammer not only protects the user but saves valuable time cleaning up the workspace and makes the workspace safer.” “Thanks to the creation of objective data, this system also offers compliance with the latest OSHA silica focus,” said Antoine Derché, Metabo’s Director of Product and Marketing.

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Oct 2017 - Metabo’s system solutions for the new OSHA Silica Rule, now in effect.

"As of September 23, 2017, OSHA requires all and any indoor and outdoor drilling, cutting or grinding operations to be dustless on the jobsite”. “Metabo has a long history as a leader in safety and innovation; we are ready with an integrated dustless system.” “Metabo renovation grinders, cutting/scoring tools, angle grinders and shrouds, rotary hammers and extractors combined with the self-cleaning HEPA vacuum provide system solutions to help comply with the new regulation."

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Oct 2017 - Metabo Introduces Dust Extraction Bits.

“Metabo’s new dust extraction bits are an addition to Metabo’s existing dustless solution system for “Table 1 Compliance” of the OSHA Silica Rule.” “These bits combined with Metabo’s complete line of corded and cordless Rotary Hammers and the ASR 35 ACP HEPA vacuum with auto cleaning functionality, make for the ultimate performance dustless drilling system.”

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Sept 2017 - Metabo will be at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago, IL.

Metabo will be in booth B31073 at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago, IL. Fabtech is the ideal place to go if you’re looking to discover the latest in fabrication technology, welding, metal forming and finishing.

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Sept 2017 - Metabo Introduces the 18V Professional Hand-held Cordless Mixer.

The cordless mixer’s powerful high-torque motor with variable speed enables the user to customize the speed of the tool to the material being mixed. Like all of Metabo’s tools, the RW 18 LTX 120 mixer has features that not only make it safer to use but more efficient and longer-lasting. Overload protection keeps the motor from overheating in heavier materials like concrete, while an electronic soft start feature allows for splash-free mixing of less dense materials. The mixer features a “race car” style steering wheel with split handle and an easy to reach variable speed trigger, making the Metabo cordless mixer the most comfortable to use.

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July 2017 - Metabo introduces 7.0 Ah and 3.5 Ah Compact Lithium High Density (LiHD) 18V Batteries.

With 100% longer run time than 5.2 Ah traditional lithium-ion batteries and 67% more power delivered, Metabo’s new LiHD 7.0 Ah battery pack is ideally suited for the high demands of today’s growing industrial cordless market. This is the industry’s standard-size 18V pack with the largest capacity.  Along with the 7.0 Ah battery pack, Metabo introduced a 3.5 Ah slim battery pack, it has more runtime than the full sized 4.0 Ah, thanks to LiHD optimizations.

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July 2017 - Metabo: Presents the Mobile Safety Training / Job-site Event Trailer.

The multi-purpose trailer is completely wrapped in graphics and features a high definition tv and sound system. It’s fully outfitted, and in a matter of minutes can be ready to showcase Metabo's range of products at open houses, special events, local and regional trade shows, job-sites and training centers. The trailer will be able to utilize on-site electric power or create its own with a propane powered generator, so it can be used inside or anywhere where power is inaccessible.

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June 2017 - Presents its range of beveling tools.

Metabo now offers two classes ofnbeveling tools, compact and large. Metabo’s compact beveling tools are designed for internal and external chamfering, and the larger class offers unlimited bevel angle customization for weld preparation..

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June 2017 - Introduces world's first 8-bay charger, 18V & 36V.

This charger can charge 18V or 36V batteries and is compatible with all existing Li-ion and LiHD (High Density) Metabo battery packs, including the NEW 7.0 Amp hour Lithium High-Density Battery. Charging time is independent of the type of batteries (18V or 36V) charging and number of batteries plugged in. There are LED indicators for each pack that let you know the battery’s condition and charge. Other user-friendly features include a handle for portability and wall mounting keyholes to save space.

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June 2017 - The new catalog can be found online under News / Media / Catalog.


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