• Diamond channeling disc

Diamond channeling disc

Diamond cutting disc 2, 125x18x22,23mm, "professional","UP", Universal (628298000)
"Professional" quality class / UP-T
  • Fast and comfortable milling of wall channels in a variety of materials
  • Lessens workloads with intelligent system, consisting of interwoven segments, since there is no need to chisel out the dividers. Saves time by milling in one work step
  • Reduces dirt and dust, since the material is removed fully and cleanly from the channel
  • Perfect channel for individual lines, or for Ø 20 and 25 mm empty pipes. Max. cutting width: 20 mm (2-row) or 30 mm (3-row)
Diameter x bore Segment dimensions Number of segments Maximum speed Sales unit Order no.  
5 " x 0.709 " 18 x 0.275 mm 20 12200 RPM 1 628298000
5 " x 0.709 " 28.5 x 0.275 mm 30 12200 RPM 1 628299000
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