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Metabo jigsaws: slim handle, precise cuts

Accurate, powerful and robust: With jigsaws from Metabo, you can achieve extraordinarily accurate cuts. With their slim handles, jigsaws provide absolutely outstanding ergonomics. High quality standards and details, such as the proven stable design, make every jigsaw particularly robust and durable. Metabo jigsaws are thus very well suited for demanding applications on construction sites. For curvy cuts with many rotational movements, Metabo recommends its powerful cordless jigsaws. Depending on your personal preference, Metabo offers, for example, jigsaws with bow-type handles, such as the STEB 140 and STEB 140 Plus; the STE 140 and STE 140 Plus have a grip handle. Cordless jigsaws such as the STA 18 LTX and the STA 18 LTX 140 complete Metabo's jigsaw line. Whether you are constructing kitchens, or are a joiner or floorer: For many professionals, a long-lasting, cordless jigsaw is a popular alternative to the plug-in version. Metabo grants a three year warranty on its powerful battery packs without a limitation on charging cycles.

The Metabo jigsaw is powerful and fast

Metabo has designed its jigsaws to be not only especially slim and compact, but has also equipped them with a performance of up to 750 watt. Thanks to the maximum 3,300 strokes per minute and the VTC electronics, which permit constant sawing progress under load, the machines saw extremely quickly. The auto start makes the initial cut with the jigsaw easier: It lets the jigsaw start slowly, and accelerates to full stroke as soon as the saw blade hits the workpiece. This function can be deactivated as well, of course, and the desired stroke can be set by hand. The chip blower can also be activated and deactivated - a practical feature, if you want to connect an external extraction system or do not want to blow away coolant when sawing in metal. By virtue of the adjustable pendulum stroke, you will work quickly with the jigsaw even when sawing thicker workpieces, as well as spare the saw blade and achieve the best sawing results with minimum chipping.

Systemised jigsaws: A comprehensive range of accessories

To match its powerful jigsaws, Metabo also offers a comprehensive program of system and consumable accessories. Guide rail adapters, circular / parallel guides, and a variety of protectie plates expand the uses of the tool, and more than 80 different saw blades facilitate optimized sawing in almost any material.

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