• Rotary and chipping hammers

Rotary and chipping hammers

Rotary and chipping hammers


Power packs for demanding applications: Metabo rotary and chipping hammers

Metabo's powerful hammers are always the right choice when it comes to processing hard materials such as stone or concrete. The pneumatic impact mechanism generates high-energy impacts with almost no extra force required from the user. The high performance hammer mechanism is precisely mounted in a housing made of aluminum alloy, which resists even the highest mechanical loads. The enormous power, combined with user-optimized ergonomics, make Metabo hammers ideal tools for demanding applications. From compact cordless, multi, drill and combination hammers in the SDS plus range to the extremely powerful SDS max combination hammer KHE 96 with 1,700 watt and 20 joule single impact energy (according EPTA), we offer the right machine for every application.

Maximum mobility, with cordless hammers from Metabo

Metabo offers you maximum mobility with its cordless hammers: The KHA 36 LTV cordless combination hammer with 36 volt power combines the advantages of plug-in machines with the flexibility of a cordless tool. With its maximum single impact energy of 3.1 joules, however, it truly packs a punch. The combination hammer drills holes up to 1 1/4" in diameter into concrete without any problems. Thanks to the high battery pack performance and capacity and quick drilling progress, with this machine you can work both powerfully and particularly efficiently in the workshop, on the construction site or in industrial applications. Our particularly compact and versatile KHS 18 LTX cordless combination hammer with a high single impact energy and low weight impresses in the 18 volt class.

Metabo offers a comprehensive range of accessories for all of our professional tools: from carbide-tipped hammer drill bits with two or four cutting edges and different chisels, to carbide tipped router bits and drill bits - at Metabo, you will find everything you need.

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