• Drilling, screwing, chiselling, stirring

Drilling, screwing, chiselling, stirring

Drilling, screwing, chiselling, stirring


Quality, right from the start: drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring with Metabo complete systems

It all started with a hand drill: in 1924, the founders of our company sold its first metal boring drills, which later gave Metabowerk GmbH its name. In 1957, our company introduced the first series produced hammer drill on the market, and we haven't stopped developing it since. More world premieres followed, such as the first cordless magnetic drill press. Today, we are a leading international manufacturer of electrical tools and accessory components. But we never forgot our roots: the name Metabo has stood for professional drilling technology for decades, and our products stand out for their high quality and safety. We offer almost all of our solutions for drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring as battery-operated options as well. Thanks to our powerful battery technology, which we are continuously imprving, many of the power packs for our cordless tools are second to none when it comes to power output.

Always a reliable partner for professionals in drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring

Drilling, screwing, chiseling, and stirring tools from Metabo combine the best features from more than 90 years of development experience. Powerful, compact, and designed for the highest level of safety, they are reliable companions for professional users across the world. Our robust hammer drills are able to handle any challenge on the construction site, or in the workshop. The drills set new standards for power and precision, guaranteeing optimal results. Thanks to the Metabo Quick System, you can exchange chucks, angled attachments, or bit holders quickly and without tools. With our drills and chiseling hammers, you can work through hard materials like stone or concrete quickly and cleanly. The high power striking mechanisms in our hammers can stand up to even the heaviest mechanical loads, and make these machines ideal tools for extreme applications. Our drivers and impact drivers give your work the right impulse, as do our stirrers, which can reliably agitate even highly viscous materials. With our wide assortment of drywall screwdrivers, we offer perfectly tailored solutions for large-volume screwing jobs in a variety of application areas. All of our electrical tools combine high power with perfect ergonomics and low weight. In addition, Metabo offers all the accessory components professionals need to drill, screw, chisel, and stir.

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