Productivity is meeting your bottom line.

Every Metabo tool is designed to provide the user with the safest, most reliable and productive results possible. We are able to achieve this through a combination of our superior engineering capabilities and our willingness to listen to users around the globe to fully understand their needs.  Our tools have been designed to keep workers on the job, and productive while they are there.


Keepting work

A worker is not producing if he/she is not able to perform due to a workplace injury.  That is why Metabo focuses on producing some of the safest tools in the industry.  Some of our key safety features include:

  • Safety Slip Clutch which reduces the chance of kick-back during a jam

  • Mechanical Safety Brake - stops a wheel in less than two seconds

  • Auto-balancer - helps reduce vibration and helps reduce "white-finger syndrome"

  • MVT Anti-Vibration Handles - Help reduce hand and arm fatigue

  • Non-locking paddle switches - meets most safety and regulatory requirements

Workers Gain More Work

Metabo tools are also renowned for their time saving features, such as:

  • M-Quick Toolless wheel Change System - allows users to quickly change grinding discs and cutting wheels with no tools or without removing gloves

  • Electronics built into our motors to keep them running at rated speed under load

  • LongLife Motors - outlasts other motors while producing more power, torque and overload capacity

  • Dramatically improved run times for industrial cordless tools, thanks new LiHD battery cell technology

You Get What You Pay For


Our motors are designed to run a long time, without having to be serviced.  Features like our

  • Long-life carbon simply last longer than our competitors

  • Patented ventilation systems protects the internal windings from dust and debris damage

  • Full line of complimentary accessories that have been designed specifically for the power our tools produce

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