Our guidelines


The guidelines for our corporate culture reflect our values.
They serve as the basis for our collaboration, and for how we understand management within our company - as well as for our relationships with our customers.



Our actions are shaped by respect, transparency, and appreciation.

"We work in and work on creating a climate of clarity, respect, and openness. [...] Every Metabo employee can trust that they will receive support from colleagues within and outside of their team at all times, no matter where they are. We listen to one another, respect and encourage different opinions, and are able to discuss ideas openly. [...] We embody composure and put a human face on our actions."


"We are aware of our responsibility to help our customers earn a living with our products. [...] They are confronted with new challenges each day. We must understand these challenges thoroughly and in detail, in order to develop and produce products and systems for them that make their work easier."


"At Metabo, we are firmly convinced that listening is an expression of mutual appreciation. Listening serves as the foundation for open and trustworthy collaboration, and treating the needs of our customers with respect. It is a fixed part of our culture, promotes action, and serves as the foundation for consistent and sustainable corporate success."


Our corporate values


This is perhaps the most important value at Metabo. One indication of this is that trust appears more frequently than any other value in our mission statement.
This is the case in particular in the section on customer relationships, which ends with the statement:


"Our customers trust Metabo. They know why."


For us, making courageous decisions means taking a clear stance – as a Metabo person and with Metabo products.



Working on something passionately means loving what you do, and doing it to the best of your ability. With a kind of infectious excitement. Many of our colleagues even say they have "green blood" – a metaphor based on one key phrase from our mission statement:


"Every Metabo has a heart!"


This is not an end in itself, but rather something we need because the world around us is changing so quickly. We want to stay agile, remain open to change when needed, and stay stable whenever possible. We must question everything. Some of us say:


"We were agile even before it was cool."

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