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Cordless tools

Cordless tools


For unlimited freedom during use: Cordless tools from Metabo

Cordless tools from Metabo rank among the best in the world. We know that power and flexibilty are what truly count for professionals - on the construction site and in the workshop. Our wide range of cordless tools from 10.8 to 36 volt offers more than enough of both.

Quality from the technology leader in cordless tools.

Even in the 80s, Metabo was one of the world's first manufacturers to offer a wide range of battery-powered devices. We have continued to expand on our top position over the last several decades. That's why we produce every one of our new electrical tools to market as a cordless version as well, any time this is technically possible and practical. We often blaze new paths with our tools: for instance, we developed the first cordless magnetic drill press in the world, and are the only manufacturer to offer a complete cordless product range for stainless steel processing. The world's first battery packs with a capacity of 4.0 Ah also come from Metabo - as do the world's first 5.2 Ah batteries, which we also introduced. With this technological leap, we've opened lots of new doors for cordless electrical tools.

Our vision is the totally cordless construction site. And we're making this vision a reality with sophisticated Ultra-M technology, providing optimal coordination and perfect communication between machine, battery pack and charger. We continuously work to enlarge and improve our product range. No matter whether you purchase our battery-powered drills/screwdrivers, angle grinders, circular saws or band files from us - if you're building with Metabo, you'll be building for many years to come! Battery packs built today will still fit tomorrow in all Metabo machines and chargers in the same volt class.

Cordless tools are flexible and powerful thanks to Ultra-M technology.

With Metabo, professionals worldwide are declaring war against the cable - and against a limited range of action on construction sites and in workshops. You too can enjoy the freedom our cordless tools offer.

Our product range makes one thing clear: we're not making any compromises. We have the right machine for every application, and set new standards in terms of performance, robustness and safety. We back up our Metabo quality commitment with a battery pack warranty of three years, no matter how often you charge the pack.

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