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Cordless Impact Wrench

High torques for heavy screwdriving applications

Cordless impact drivers - also called rotary impact drivers - are used wherever there are power-intensive screwdriving applications. And especially where there is neither power nor compressed air. Independently from the power grid, the cordless impact drivers can powerfully drive in and remove screws and nuts. Equipped with high torque ranges, cordless impact drivers are available with different bit retainers: Hexagonal socket ¼“ for screwdriver bits or male square ½“ to accommodate socket wrenches / sockets. The maximum torque for the smallest cordless impact driver PowerMaxx SSD is 105 Nm, then the impact screwdriver of the LTX class operated with the 18 volt battery packs with maximum torques / loosening torques of 200 Nm to 600 Nm for particularly heavy screwdriving applications. Thanks to the typical rotary impact movement, particularly low kickback working with high torques is possible.

Compact impact drivers with brushless motors

Three of the Metabo 18 volt cordless impact drivers/wrenches are equipped with brushless motors. This can be recognised by the "BL" at the end of the type designation. Highest efficiency and fast work progress characterise these models. In addition they have twelve speeds/torque levels for a particularly wide range of applications. If you mainly work with screwdriver brits, the SSD 18 LTX 200 BL Cordless Impact Wrench with hexagonal socket. Thanks to the automatic power shift (APS) function it is a specialist for self-driling screwdriving. The torque is reduced automatically after drilling to prevent overtightening. If you require a particularly compact, yet very powerful cordless impact wrench for driving in or loosening of nuts, use the 400 Nm powerful Cordless Impact Wrench SSW 18 LTX 400 BL. It has a very compact design and a robust die-cast aluminium gear housing. With an adapter this cordless impact wrench can also process screwdriver bits. A thermal overload protection protects the cordless impact drivers with brushless motors from overheating.

Accessories for using cordless impact drivers/wrenches.

Practical and particularly high-quality sets of socket wrenches and impact-proof screwdriver bits with a long tool life can be found in our range of accessories. They are suited for heavy screwdriving applications. 100% compatibility: For the battery packs you can choose from different battery pack types and capacities within the voltage calss. Whether proven Li-Power battery pack or an LiHD battery pack with high-performance cells for more power and even longer runtimes. All battery packs come with a 3-year warranty, irrespective of the number of charging cycles. Metabo chargers charge every battery pack quickly to maximum capacity, with the desktop charger ASC multi 8 even eight battery packs at the same time, if many cordless tools are used in parallel.

Discover cordless freedom - now cross-manufacturer!

All Metabo 18 V cordless impact drivers/wrenches can be operated with any 18 volt battery pack from Metabo. With immediat effect also the battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners can be used. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System“, the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market. Discover the new dimension of the CAS battery pack system:

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