Battery pack technology


As a leader in battery pack technology, we continue to pursue our vision of a cordless construction site in order to provide our users with even more independence. Therefore, in most cases you will also find a cordless solution for your needs in the Metabo product range, fulfiling highest expectations in terms of performance, quality and reliability for all relevant applications. If you choose our Ultra-M technology and battery pack interface, you can face the challenges of the future with ease.

18 V battery system

18V system of the future: The extensive 18V battery pack range

LiHD battery pack technology

LiHD. Revolutionary battery technology for a new standard in high performance.

100 % battery pack compatibility

100% compatibility with all Metabo 18 volt cordless machines yesterday, today and in the future.

12 V battery system

12 V system of the future: the 12 volt battery family

3 year battery pack warranty

3 year battery pack warranty on all Li-Power and LiHD battery packs without a restriction on charging cycles.

25.2 V / 36 V battery system

The 25.2 V and 36 volt battery family

Advantages of Metabo machines

Every Metabo tool and accessory is engineered to deliver cost saving and productivity increasing features and benefits.

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