Motor technology

The new generation of Metabo Longlife Motors

As enduring as you. More powerful than ever before.

Get ready for a quantum leap in power: from 900 to 1,700 watts - made possible by Metabo manufacturing technologies, patent pending.

Innovative details - for longer service life.

  • Effective: 30% more abrasion protection resin on the anchor.

  • No going back: our redeveloped, flow-optimized dust protection basket, expels dust particles directly from the machine and protects winding heads even better than before.

  • Protective effect: epoxy resin especially developed for Metabo to fight dust and moisture in the field.

  • Clever: 20% higher overload capacity due to a new ventilation concept with flow-optimized dust basket, rear ventilation slits, and a turbo fan that accelerates cooling air up to 400 km/h.

Important plus for a long service life: the rear ventilation slots cannot be covered by the user's hands.

Up to 20 % more maximum output power!
Letting you reach your goal faster.

Up to 50 % more torque!
Constant speeds under load for unique productivity.

Noticeably reduced handle width for low-fatigue working and less breaks!

The highest output density in its watt class.


Patented: winding technology for more copper in a smaller installation space.

Easy to handle: new, ergonomic design for the motor housing.

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