When it really counts

Day after day, professionals around the globe look to Metabo for the tools that will help keep them safe, productive and yet perform in the harshest of conditions. Keeping users safe and productive are our top priorities.


Advantages of Metabo machines

Every Metabo tool and accessory is engineered to deliver cost saving and productivity increasing features and benefits.

Dust Extraction

The automatic filter cleaning in our all-purpose vacuum cleaner lets you work without interruption. With its automatic switch-on feature, it is the perfect compliment for our power tools.

Battery pack systems

Being a leader in battery pack technology, we constantly pursue the vision of a cordless construction job  site in order to provide our users with even more independence.

Stainless steel

Metabo's new stainless steel line of tools is engineered to produce the ultimate in professional finishes

Motor technology

Metabo's new, even more powerful motors will last as long as you do.


Metabo tools engineered to stand apart from other tools, in terms of safety, technology and productivity.


The more demanding the application, the more important it is for the tool to perform and adhere to all applicable job site and industry safety guidelines.  All Metabo's industrial tools are designed to meet or exceed most major safety requirements.

System solutions

For maximum productivity and successfull work results.

Services provided

Quick, professional and partner-focused. Metabo service.

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