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Quality for 90 years: Drills from Metabo

Since the "Metallbohrdreher" (metal drill) gave our company its name in 1924, we have been continuously setting new standards when it comes to drilling. Our high quality standards guarantee optimum work results and precise holes. Whether you are working in wood, metal or concrete - every material has different requirements in terms of drill speed, torque, RPMs, and drill design. We offer the right machine - including accessories - for any challenge.

They drill with accuracy and power and fit well in your hand: Drills from Metabo

Whether you are working in the metal, construction or wood industries, in steel construction or mechanical engineering or in the metal processing branch: Every Metabo drill is perfectly customized to your requirements. Drills with a mechanical two-speed gear are suited for different materials and applications, with their optimal speed and torque settings. Thanks to the high torque of up to 75 Nm - for example with the BE 75-16 drill and the BE 75 Quick - you can process even large wood screws quickly and easily. The high no-load speeds - up to 4,500 RPM, for example, with the BE 500/6 drill - guarantee quick work progress. At the same time, every Metabo drilll is slimmed down for maximum precision. Models with a drill spindle mounted on a needle bearing and a highly accurate, self-clamping Futuro-Top drill chuck are also ideally suited for industrial use. Thanks to their compact overall size, optimal balance and low weight, Metabo drills fit well in your hand: The lightest machines weigh only 1.3 kg. The BE 18 LTX 6 cordless drill, weighing 1.7 kg and with a no-load speed of up to 4,000 RPM, unites speed, ergonomics and mobility.

Comprehensive range of accessories for your Metabo drill

Metabo offers you a comprehensive range of system accessories to go along with every drill, for example different drill chucks, drill bits, hole saws, angle attachments and torque attachments, drill stands, steel wire brushes, stirrers, vacuum cleaners, dust extraction sets and much more. With only two manual steps, you can change between different applications and exchange matching attachments such as drill chucks, angle attachments, or bit retainers for your drill models in seconds with Metabo Quick system.

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