Information on the disposal of battery packs and used electrical appliances

Environmentally friendly products are anchored in our mission statement and in our Code of Conduct. Therefore, as renowned brand manufacturer we naturally meet the requirements of the European Regulation 2012/19/EU (WEEE).


  • Our power tools are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out waste bin. This means that old electrical appliances must not be disposed of as residual waste.
  • Consumers are required to return these to a suitable public collection point, a Metabo specialist dealer or at the Metabo service free of charge.
  • If you use a communal collection point to dispose of your devices, please remove the battery pack in cordless devices and dispose of it separately and in an environmentally friendly way using a suitable collection system.
  • Old devices contain important raw materials that can be recycled in keeping with recycle management.

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Important information about the use of li-ion battery packs for our cordless tools

Please use only Metabo original battery packs/chargers intended by us or battery packs/chargers of our CAS partners. These are designed for use with our cordless tools as well as those of our CAS partners and guarantee highest possible efficiency and safety.

We cannot guarantee the safety nor the efficiency, if other battery packs/chargers than those original ones manufactured by us or our CAS partners. This also applies if the battery packs/chargers are opened or the original state is modified in any way.

The use of battery packs or chargers that are not manufactured by us or one of our CAS partners (third party, knockoff or counterfeit battery packs and chargers) can lead to serious safety risks such as risk of fire or explosion.

We also wish to point out that any warranty claims with regard to our products are voided if third party, knockoff or counterfeit systems are used.

Safety recommendations

Lithium-ion cordless tools

Safety recommendations for the transport and handling of Lithium-ion battery packs

Due to their very high energy density, lithium-ion battery packs are particularly suited for mobile applications. Many safety mechanisms are already integrated in the system and guarantee a safe product whilst ensuring safe working. The high energy content also requires additional measures and rules for damage prevention when handling and transporting the battery packs.

Here you find information and safety recommendations about lithium-ion battery packs:

Cutting and grinding accessories

Safety recommendations for proper use of cutting and grinding accessories

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