Power Tool Safety

System innovations for maximum safety

Every Metabo tool and accessory is engineered to deliver cost savings and productivity increasing features and benefits. From our Ultra-M battery technology to our angle grinder's M-Quick and Autobalancer features, we strive to assure you keep working, quickly, safely and efficiently.

The less time lost due to work-related injuries, the higher your productivity and the lower your costs. Our products offer utmost safety and protection for the user - with this, we are continuously setting new standards in the market. 

Click on the Safety Icons below to learn more about Metabo's safety features:

Mechanical Safety Slip Clutch

  • Increased safety, predictable handling
  • Reduces the chance of kick-back during jams
  • Greatly reduces the likelihood of shattered cutting wheels and gear damage

Brake Technology

  • Stops thin cutting wheels in under 1 second
  • Stops grinding wheels in under 2 seconds
  • Greatly reduces the likelihood of injury from kick-back or loss of control

Rear Tether Attachment Point

  • Secure tethering eye at the rear of the tool for attachment to a lanyard

Auto-Balance System

  • 50% less vibration reduces likelihood of work related disorders
  • 100% greater tool life
  • Considerably reduces the risk of "White Finger Syndrome"

Non-Locking Paddle Switch

  • Ergonomic non-slip switch promotes safer grinder use
  • OSHA preferred and required by many safety regulations

Anti-Vibration Side Handle

  • Reduces vibration by up to 60% compared to other handless
  • Reduced risk of work related fatigue/disorders
  • The risk "White Finger Syndrome" caused by vibration exposure over the workers' lifespan is reduced considerably!

Dust Protection

  • For clean and comfortable work: chips and dust are extracted immediately and effectively

Electronic Safety Clutch

  • Minimized kickback when the disc jams

Restart Protection

  • Stops the tool from accidentally restarting after a power failure


3 New Metabo Mobile Safety Training/Job-site Event Trailers

The multi-purpose trailers are completely wrapped in graphics and feature high definition TVs and sound systems. They are fully outfitted, and in a matter of minutes can be ready to showcase Metabo's range of products at open houses, special events, local and regional trade shows, job-sites and training centers.

The trailer will be able to utilize on-site electric power or create its own with a propane powered generator,  so it can be used inside or anywhere where power is inaccessible.

“Last year we introduced one trailer and the demand for Metabo product training and safety education was so well received, we expanded this year to three trailers to effectively cover more areas of the US more readily," said Larry Pecht, National End User Account Manager. 

Metabo’s S.E.A.L. (Safety, Education, Application, and Leadership) Team, a highly experienced team of 'Safety Experts', are taking the trailers on the road to visit industrial work sites, unions and other training facilities.

If you are interested in scheduling Metabo’s trailer for a free onsite visit or training session, please contact Larry Pecht at lpecht@metabousa.com.

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