Masonry Cutting

W 12-125 HD CED Plus

Dustless 5" Masonry Cutting/Scoring Tool with Guide Rollers.

T 24-230 MVT CED

9" Masonry Cutting Tool

W 12-125 HD Tuck Point Kit

Dustless Heavy Duty 5" tuck pointing system.

MFE 40 Wall Chaser

Dustless 5" Wall Chaser, Up to 1-5/8" depth, Up to 1-3/8" width. 

Metabo Wall chaser MFE 40


#1 Rated Vac in the Industry reviewed by ProTool Reviews. 9 Gal / 157 CFM Auto Clean Vacuum.

#1 Vacuum in the Industry!

BEST OSHA-Compliant Dust Extractor Shootout (December 2017): ASR 35 ACP HEPA Auto Clean 130 CFM vacuum

The ASR 35 ACP HEPA vacuum meets or exceeds all regulatory standards where the HEPA vacuum is required, allowing the user to attain the highest level of dust protection on the job-site. With 130 CFM, it offers Table 1 compliance for all Metabo drilling systems: concrete cutting, grinding and milling up to 5" blade diameter.


Our exclusive filter cleaning mechanism uses a electromagnetic shaking pulse that does not stop the suction. As opposed to "reverse air-flow" cleaning systems which loses at least 50% of the air-flow during cleaning, the Metabo vacuum is always performing at its best

5" Dustless Grinding Shroud GED

626732000: 5" Convertible heavy duty composite shroud for concrete grinding. Fits all Metabo W 9 / W 12 / WE 15 / WE 17 / WE 19 series professional angle grinders.

NEW 5" Clip-on Dustless Cutting Shroud

630401000: 5" Clip-on Dustless Cutting Shroud. Connection for dust extraction 1-1/2". Suitable for Metabo W...750-125; W...850-125; W...8-125; W...9-125; W...10-125; W...11..-125; W...12-125; W...13-125, W...14..-125; W...15-125; W...17-125; W 18 LTX 125; WB 18 LTX BL 125; WP 18 LTX 125; WPB 18 LTX BL 125 (from 2008 on)

5" Dustless Convertible Shroud for Concrete Surface Prep

655153000: 5" polyurethane  shroud. Fits all Metabo W 9 / W 12 / WE 15 / WE 17 / WE 19 series professional angle grinders.

7" Dustless Convertible Shroud for Concrete Surface Prep

655154000: 7" polyurethane  shroud. For All current professional large Angle Grinders W 24 / W 26.

5" Dustless Tuck point Guard

628216000: 5" and 6" heavy duty tuck-pointing metal shroud. Fits all Metabo W 9 / W 12 / WE 15 / WE 17 / WE 19 series professional angle grinders.

Shroud opens to the site for optimal material removal in corners.

5" Anti-Static Cutting Shroud with rolling guides CED 125 Plus

626731000: 5" Convertible heavy duty composite shroud for concrete cutting. Fits all Metabo W 9 / W 12 / WE 15 / WE 17 / WE 19 series professional angle grinders.

Concrete and Masonry Systems

Enforced September 23, 2017 (for construction), the new OHSA Respirable Silica rule requires all and any indoor and outdoor drilling, cutting, or grinding operations to be dustless...are you ready? To help keep you adapt, Metabo offers a full line of Table 1 compliant dustless tools and accessories including tools for concrete and stone surface prep as well as masonry cutting, drilling and breaking. When combined with our self cleaning HEPA vac, Metabo's solution is the most advanced integrated dustless system available.

Table 1 Compliant Systems Flyer

This guide will show you how Metabo systems can make your jobsite compliant with simple turn-key solutions. With dedicated systems for concrete grinding, cutting, tuckpointing, drilling etc., you know that you do not have to trade off between productivity, performance and safety. Metabo offers it all with no compromise. Comply today with Metabo systems!

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