Battery Starter Kits

2x 6.2Ah LiHD Ultra-M Pro kit (US625341002)
Battery Starter Kits
  • Metabo 18V Battery Starter Kits are the ideal way to build your own cordless kit
  • kit includes batteries, charger and canvas bag
Description Order no.
2x 6.2Ah LiHD Ultra-M Pro kit US625341002
3.1Ah + 6.2Ah LiHD Ultra-M kit US625341011
2x 5.5Ah LiHD Ultra-M Pro kit US625342002
3.1Ah + 5.5Ah LiHD Ultra-M kit US625342011
2x 3.1Ah LiHD Ultra-M Compact kit US625343002
2x 2.0Ah Ultra-M Compact Kit US625596020
2.0Ah + 5.2Ah Ultra-M Starter Kit US625596052
2x 5.2Ah Ultra-M Professional Kit US625596252
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