Systematized building and rehabilitation

From demolition to preparation to finishing: You can find all the tools you need for every application and stage of construction from Metabo.  And as with all Metabo tools, you know you are getting superior technology along with a solution that will keep a clean workplace while ensuring the highest level of user protection.

Long-lasting, robust, and powerful, from start to finish and available in cordless versions - these are the main criteria we follow in every new development we make. Ergonomics and mobility also playa key role in our products: only tools that are easy to handle, easy to operate, and a breeze to transport are added to our range. Making sure you achieve your goals as effortlessly and quickly as possible.

Break away: electric tools for breakthrough results.
With our wide range of drilling, combination, chiseling, and multi-hammers, you can break through any concrete with ease. You can also quicky remove old walls, floor coverings and tiles.

Professional Preparation:
Removing plaster, concrete projections, old coatings, stubborn glue residue from carpets or linoleum often takes time. With our new renovation grinders and milling tools, you will be able to handle these tasks with ease.

Expand: system solutions for the final touches.
An expertely finished wall or ceiling is what you and your customers want. When perfection is your goal, you can trust our new long neck drywall sanders. They will allow you to achieve excellent  results even in extremely tall or narrow spaces.

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