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For healthy cleaning.

Metabo offers a comprehensive range of compact 2x18 volt cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaners.

These mobile vacuum cleaners in different dust classes are the ideal companion at any construction site.

Compact size
Manual filter dedusting

PressClean: powerful air flow when the filter cleaning switch is pressed on the vacuum cleaner

New: Accessories with Quick function
  • Easily and quickly exchange the attachments with just a click
  • Firm connection
  • Quick conversion depending on the extraction application
Integrated CordlessControl

The cordless vacuum cleaner starts and stops automatically when the cordless tool connected to the hose is switched on or off.

Battery pack runtime

Per battery pack charge 2x LiHD 10.0 Ah in eco mode - 55 minutes of vacuuming

Lightweight, intelligent transport.

Cable and hose bracket

Storage for pipes and nozzles


Clean and healthy - no matter the application.

With cordless vacuum cleaners for all dust classes, Metabo offers solutions that give users optimal protection – in every application.

Dust class L

Filter separation efficiency
of 99%
- Dusts with AGW values
>1 mg/m3
- Slightly hazardous dusts, such as household dust, chalk

Dust class M

Filter separation efficiency
of 99.9 %
- Dusts with AGW values
≥ 0.1 mg/m3
- Medium-level hazardous dusts, such as wood dust (beech / oak)
- Class M mineral dusts, such as quartz dust

Dust class H

Filter separation efficiency
of 99.995 %
- Dusts with AGW values
< 0.1 mg/m3
- Carcinogenic dusts,
such as mold, asbestos

Overview of Metabo vacuums

More information and all product advantages of the new vacuum range is available here.



Compact all-purpose vacuum cleaners are also available with mains operation in dust classes L, M and H.


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