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Cordless Drywall Screwdrivers


The cordless specialists for screwdriving applications in drywall construction

The cordless drywall screwdrivers from Metabo quickly and powerfully join gypsum plaster boards and gypsum fibre boards on wooden and metal substructures. Depending on the main application area, a particular screwdriver is suited best. The relation of speed and torque differs from model to model. The cordless drywall screwdriver SE 18 LTX 2500, for example, has a high torque and handles gypsum plaster boards and gypsum fibre boards on wooden and metal substructures very well. The almost identical cordless drywall screwdriver SE 18 LTX 6000 is the fast runner with high speed for fast work progress. It is ideal above all when it comes to gypsum plaster boards.

Light cordless drywall screwdrivers with sensible details

The drywall screwdrivers from Metabo operated with a 18 volt battery pack are useful helpers in interior development when many gypsum plasterboards or gypsum fibre boards are processed. Thanks to the compact design and their low weight of less than 1.5 kilogrammes, the special screwdrivers are ideally suited for comfortable one-hand operation. They all have a bit retainer with a 1/4" hexagon socket and are equipped with a magnetic bit holder. The low-noise claw clutch and the very finely adjustable depth guide permit precise and quick working. The depth guide can be removed completely when working "at sight level". The speed can be infinitely adjusted for material-compatible working. The integrated work light and a practical belt hook are other sophisticated details for the user.

With screwdriver magazine for fast driving in of screws in series

All Metabo drywall screwdriver can be equipped with the robust screwdriver magazine SM 5-55. Standard 50-screw strips in common dimensions can be used. Fast and precise screwdriving in series is very well possible with this magazine attachment. Using such a cordless magazine screwdriver, the gypsum boards are screwed together even faster.

Discover cordless freedom - now cross-manufacturer!

The 18 V cordless drywall screwdrivers from Metabo can be operated with any 18 volt battery pack from Metabo. Since mainly the compactness and weight are important for these devices, the flat Li-Power battery pack with 2.0 Ah is a good choice. However, even larger battery packs of this volt class with higher capacities make sense if particularly long runtimes for plenty of screwdriving cycles are important to you. Maybe you are also using different Metabo battery packs with 18 volt alternately? No problem with 100% compatibility. From now an, the battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners can also be used. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System", the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market. Discover the large CAS battery pack system: www.cordless-alliance-system.com

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