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With the new high-performance MFE 40 wall chaser, and the use of the new diamond cutting disc, you can cut wall channels in just one working step. No need for elaborate mortising or chiselling out between cuts. And in combination with our all-purpose vacuums, dust-free working is guaranteed.

Benefit: You save time!

Extremely economical.

Other benefits:

  • „Maximum work progress thanks to powerful 1900W motor

  • Cutting depth: up to 40mm

  • „„Optimal view of marking line thanks to sliding cut

  • Extremely robust due to die-cast aluminium hood

  • „Optimum control thanks to front and rear handles

Wall Chasers


Cut perfect slits with the Metabo wall chasers

The wall chaser is the ideal power tool, when it comes to laying cables, water lines and pipes. Slits are cut into the wall, since they accommodate installations. A wall chaser is normally operated with two diamond discs that are mounted at a custom distance. The cutting depth can be freely set within a defined range. Using the wall chaser two parallel slits are cut. The remaining centre bar is removed with hammer and breaking tool - or more comfortably with an electric chipping hammer - et voilà, you have the requested groove for the subsequent laying work.

The ideal wall chaser for electrical installations

The MFE 40 wall chaser for diamond cutting discs with a diameter of 125 mm cuts slits up to a groove width of up to 35 mm by using the supplied spacer rings. The cutting depth can be freely selected from 10 to 40 mm. The wall chaser is equipped with a 1,900 watt powerful motor, constant speeds and a two-speed high-performance gear for fast work progress. With the innovative diamond cutting discs, wall grooves can be created in one work step with the MFE 40. This is a great time saving since there is no removal of the centre bar when using these special discs. Another advantage of this wall chaser is the robust die-cast aluminium hood with rubber rolls and optimal handle position for comfortable guiding of the machine. Thanks to sliding cut, optimal view of the marking line is always given. You stay safe while working, among others thanks to the Metabo S-automatic safety clutch that immediately decouples the drive mechanically when the disc jams. The so-called kickback, the reverse torque of the machine on the user, it thus reduced extremely.

Slits up to 65 mm depth for water lines and pipes

The large 2,400 watt wall chaser MFE 65 can chase wall grooves up to 41 mm width and a depth of maximum 65 mm. This makes it ideal for laying sanitary installations such as water lines and tubes under plaster. It works with two diamond cutting discs with a diameter of 230 mm. An electronic safety shutdown protects the user when working if a disc gets stuck in the material. The Metabo VibraTech (MVT) dampening system ensures minimal vibrations when cutting. All Metabo wall chasers are equipped with an electronic soft start and an integrated restart protection after a power cut. For safe working with maximum user safety.

Metabo accessories for wall chasers for best work results

Metabo has a wide range of diamond cutting discs for wall chasers. Discs for different building materials with different cutting characteristics are available in diameters 125 mm and 230 mm. A special feature at Metabo are the diamond cutting discs for wall slits with 20 or alternatively 30 mm width in one work step. They have a diameter of 125 mm and can be used in connection with the wall chaser MFE 40. They offer usrs a great time saving since there is no removal of the centre bar. For particularly low-dust working, a Metabo all-purpose vacuum cleaner can be connected to the Metabo wall chasers. Matching hoses and connection adapters can also be found in the Metabo range of accessories.

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