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Renovation Milling Machines


Powerful, with a large diameter: Renovation grinders from Metabo

The renovation grinder makes it easy to remove old coatings and layers on walls, ceilings and floors while protecting the user's health. The large milling diameter ensures quick progress and efficient working. In combination with a Metabo extraction system, the milling machine ensures a particularly clean finish.

An ideal solution for renovation applications - the renovation grinder

If you need to efficiently remove plaster, glue residue, soft screed, or old paint while protecting your health, choose a renovation grinder from Metabo. With its triple reduction high-performance gear, it reaches a torque of nine Newton meters, allowing it to powerfully and efficiently remove coatings. Thanks to its large milling diameter of 115 mm, work progresses very quickly with the renovation grinder, allowing you to process even large areas in a short time. The cutting depth can be adjusted from 0 to 6 mm without tools and with just a single manual operation. If you have to remove coatings from walls for several hours, you will appreciate the fast work progress and the powerful material removal these tools offer.

Innovative and practical working with the renovation grinder from Metabo

The ergonomically-shaped bow-type handle can also be adjusted to different positions without tools and folded, if needed. This is particularly practical, for example, when you have to grind along a surface behind scaffolding. The renovation grinder has a chamfered front edge with a protective metal plate, so that you can grind at the edges of railings, ceilings or walls. This saves time-consuming manual reworking. The die-cast aluminum guard is particularly robust and provides the machine with high quality and a long service life. The spring-mounted brush rim also adapts to the material surface and permits optimal material extraction. Matching vacuum cleaners from Metabo are designed especially for renovation applications where large quantities of dust are generated. The AST 35 M ACP is particularly suited as a system, which includes fully-automated filter cleaning. A wide range of accessories complement this extensive offer: While pointed milling stars create a rough surface with hard materials, flat milling stars are best suited for soft materials such as gloe residue or soft plaster. Combined with a vacuum cleaner and accessories, you will be able to achieve an optimal finish with this renovation grinder every time.

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