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Easy Diamond Cutting with Metabo Cutting Systems

Plenty of dust is generated when cutting in concrete, stone and tiles. This is damaging to the health and also wears down the cutting disc and motor of the machine. Metabo has developed real solutions for these challenges. The user can choose from three diamond cutting systems for disc diameter of 125, 180 and 230 millimeters. The common feature of all is an efficient dust extraction via the extraction hood in connection with a suitable vacuum cleaner. The Metabo chop saws are already equipped with a high-quality diamond cutting disc and thus ready for immediate use for precise and safe cuts. The ideal power tool for applications such as wall openings, enlarging of door openings, cutting of lintel, sawing applications in concrete and stone, joint cutting and many more.

Light and powerful for maximum work comfort

With no less than 1,900 watts, the TEPB 19-180 RT CED cutter easily manages up to 55 millimeter deep cuts in mineral materials. Only the TE 24-230 MVT CED large cutter cuts deeper with a disc diameter of 230 millimeters. Compared to conventional diamond cutting systems, the TEPB 19.180 RT CED, however, weighs only half: With a weight of just about three and a half kilogrammes including extraction hood it is the absolute top of the range on the market. Since the diamond cutter is particularly light and fit safely in the hand thanks to its slim handle, the user maintains full control of the machine in any situation. Details such as the soft start, the proven S-automatic safety clutch, the deadman switch, a fast disc stop and a restart protection in the even of a power interruption ensue maximum safety when working.

Cutting system with 2,400 watts for fast, powerful cuts

The diamond cutter T 24-230 MVT CED with its 2,400 Watt powerful marathon motor is suited for even faster dry cuts up to a depth of 60 millimeters. For example to cut patio slabs. The machine has a metal base plate with wheels for particularly precise guidance. High safety when working is provided here also by sophisticated product details, since the user's safety is always Metabo's top priority.

The compact 125 mm cutting system for universal use

The W 12-25 HD Set CED Plus diamond cutter of universal application with brushless mountable extraction hood is the third member of the team of powerful diamond cutting systems from Metabo. With push cut and plunge function, the compact, 1,250 watts powerful cutter reliably carries out up to 27 millimeter deep cuts. Thanks to the metal base plate with rollers, long and straight cuts can be performed precisely, for example cutting around tiles or cable conduits. The plate can be removed for freehand cutting.

The right dust extraction for clean working

While working, the fine stone dust is evacuated through the hose connected at the cutting system directly into the vacuum cleaner, for example into the ASR 35 ACP all-purpose vacuum cleaner, which, thanks to the M-class filter, is ideally suited for concrete and stone dust on the construction site. The automatic filter cleaning while working make it the ideal pertner of the diamond cutting systems. A perfect connection from Metabo, also in continuous use.

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