Ultra-M Battery System

It's All in the Technology

The Ultra-M systems was designed specifically for mobile industrial users, whose applications typically demand more power and longer run times


Intelligent Battery:

The key behind the system is a microchip in the battery that effectively communicates with the tool, battery and charger.


Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP):

Each cell in the battery pack evenly charges and discharges, extending the life of the battery, helping protect the motor and extending the life of the tool.



All of Metabo's past generation slide on batteries as well as our new LiHD battery packs are 100% compatible with all tools and chargers.


Patented Air-Cooled Charger:

The charger's built-in fan system quickly cools a  hot battery pack as it begins the charging cycle, thus reducing overall charging time.  The result is a battery that will charge 30% faster and survive more charge/discharge cycles than other batteries.



LiHD represents the latest evolution in 18V battery technology.  A new high density battery cell and redesigned battery pack provides up to

  • 67% more Amps to the tool
  • 87% longer run time
  • 100% longer battery service life


3-Year Battery Warranty:

Metabo offers a 3-year guarantee on tools, battery and charger.  If for any reason, the battery does not charge, Metabo will replace it.

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