Metabo Unique Value Proposition

"Made in Germany,” Metabo provides the highest level of safety, reliability, and performance in power tools and accessories due to a relentless commitment to engineering ingenuity and diligence.


​Metabo tools and accessories are precisely engineered and manufactured to meet the highest safety, reliability, and performance standards.


Metabo pioneered and perfected safety innovations including the S-automatic mechanical safety slip clutch found in many Metabo tools, and the mechanical disc brake and auto-balance system found in their premium angle grinders. Metabo invented the hand-held angle grinder and holds over 700 patents in mechanical designs, electronic designs, and battery tool systems.


Metabo products are rigorously evaluated during the development phase beginning with a demanding prototype endurance test protocol that ensures every tool measures up to the highest standards.


Metabo owns and operates a network of world-class, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities where products are consistently produced to meet exacting tolerances. Metabo’s control of the process ensures every tool works harder, runs smoother and lasts longer than the competition.

All Metabo products are backed by an industry-leading 3-year power tool, battery and charger warranty and are supported by an extensive network of sales, customer service and repair service experts.


Metabo. Safety, Reliability, Performance. When It Really Counts





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