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Storage Solutions
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metaBOX 118 Organizer (626897000)
  • Intelligent transportation and storage system for small parts and accessories
  • Maximum organization thanks to twelve freely positioned Sortimo insert boxes in four different sizes
  • Each insert box sticks securely into the base of the organizer, so single boxes can also be used individually
  • With twelve labels for individually labelling contents
  • Extremely rugged and resistant to breakage with material and design selected for maximum load capacity
  • Optimal protection for accessories and small parts against dirt and moisture (IP43)
  • Quickly and easily stack and connect boxes in all system widths
  • Easily open one box in the stack without disconnecting it from the others
  • Smart accessories: dolly and trolley for maximum mobility, and an adapter plate to secure the boxes in a vehicle
  • Set consisting of: 4x insert boxes 1x1 H63 (52 mm x 52 mm x 63 mm); 5x insert boxes 1x2 H63 (104 mm x 52 mm x 63 mm); 2x insert boxes 2x2 H63 (104 mm x 104 mm x 63 mm); 1x insert box 2x3 H63 (157 mm x 104 mm x 63 mm)

Dimensions: 15.6 x 11.66 x 4.66 "
Case volume: 8.4 l
Cover max. load capacity: 275.6 lbs
Weight: 2.9 lbs
Material: ABS
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