• Accessories for "Expert" special applications

Accessories for "Expert" special applications

"Starlock Plus" precision saw blade, Expert, carbide, 32 x 50 mm (626947000)
Accessories for "Expert" special applications
  • For precision cutting in abrasive and hard materials (epoxy, fiber-reinforced plastics, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, gypsum plasterboards, cement fiberboard, fiber-reinforced plastics), hardened metal and stainless steel
  • Outstanding service life thanks to carbide teeth
Holder Material suitability Version Material Tooth pitch Sales unit Order no.  
StarlockPlus for clean cuts / specially designed for plunge cuts / Fiberglass reinforced plastic / Fiberboards / Gypsum Plaster / Metal / Stainless steel carbide tipped HM 1,3 mm 1 626947000
StarlockPlus for straight, precise, and especially clean cuts / Fiberboards / Fiberglass reinforced plastic / Gypsum Plaster / Plastics / Cement fiber board panels - HM, grit Hartmetallbestreut, Korn 40 1 626949000
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