Extraction hoods

Cup wheel guards with accessories
Order no. RRP w/o VAT
Cup wheel guard Ø 180-230 mm (623140000)
  • For angle grinders with grinding wheel Ø of 180-230 mm, for use of ceramic cup wheels
  • adjustable

623140000 0,00 €
Cup wheel guard Ø 115-150 mm (623276000)
  • For angle grinders with grinding wheel Ø of 115 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm, for use of cup wheels, adjustable
  • Adjustable

623276000 0,00 €
Grinding extraction hood GED 125 (626732000)
  • Quick, tool-free installation of the extraction hood on a compatible angle grinder
  • Integrated sliding segment for quick, tool-free access even when wearing gloves, for working close to walls.
  • Extraction hood with flexible brush rim and optimised extraction channel for particularly low-dust grinding indoors and outdoors
  • Anti-static plastic prevents electric charges and dust accumulations ensuring constantly high suction power. Connection for dust extraction Ø 35/41 mm
  • Suitable for: W..9-1..; WEV 10-125 Quick; W..12-1..; WE..15-1..; WE..17-1..; W..8-1..; WE 9-125 Quick; W..11-1..; WQ 1400 (only 6.00346); WE 14-1..
  • adjustable

626732000 0,00 €
Replacement brush rim GED 125 (626733000)
  • For angle grinders with grinding wheel diameters of 115 mm, 125 mm and 150 mm
  • adjustable

626733000 0,00 €
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