Which Compressor for which tool?
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Metabo Compressors – robust, powerful, reliable

Metabo compressors cover all requirements for compressed air generation and offer the optimal solution for any application area. The entry-level models of the basic class are suited mainly for simple commercial applications. The Power Class Compressors are ideally suited for applications in interior development or on the construction site. For mobile use independent from the power grid, Metabo offers here even a cordless compressor. The Metabo Mega Class compressors are the number one choice for particularly demanding compressed air applications in the workshop. A broad range of accessories and air tools make Metabo to a real system supplier in the field of compressed air. A complete compressed air systesm for numerous application areas is on offer, from compressed air generation with mobile workshop compressors or constuction site compressors and compressed air preparation and distribution to a wide range of more than 50 compressed air tools and their accessories.

Light and Compact: The Basic Class Compressors

The Metabo Basic Compressors are the first choice for simple commercial applications. Thanks to their rubberised, stable wheels the nimble tools are ideally suited for mobile use. The compact and light entry-level models provide a power of 1.5 kW and tank sizes of 24 litres and 50 litres. Both tank sizes are available both with oil-lubricated piston condenser and alternatively with oil-free piston condenser for easy transport and reduced service effort. The robust workshop compressors are equipped with an integrated overload protection that protects the motor from overheating.

Mobility for the Construction Site: The Power Class Compressors

Thanks to their compactness and mobility, Power Class Compressors are the ideal solution for the construction site.Their main use is on outdoor construction sites and in interior development, since they can be easily transported in a vehicle to the operation site. All sensitive parts such as manometer, fittings or couplings are fitted within the stable frame. Like this they are always protected and safe on the go. Large rubber wheels and a variable pull and carry handle with trolley function make the power compressors an ideal companion on the construction site. Stable eyelets on the frame of the models from 24 kg also permit transport with a construction crane. The size of the compressed air tank varies depending on the model from 5 to 20 litres. The power of the power compressors ranges from 1.1 kW to 2.2 kW. The endurance runner for very demanding applications is the Power 400-20 W CF Compressor. Its special oil-free unit permits 100% continuous operation for constant and reliable supply with compressed air in every day work.

Light Cordless Compressor for maximum Freedom on the Construction Site

The Power 160-5 18 LTX BL OF Cordless Compressor is also part of the power class and is one of the lightest of its kind. the powerful compressor with Brushless motor weighs just about 10 kilogrammes. A second battery pack for uninterrupted working can be carried along in the storage. The cordless compressor is easy to transport and ready to use anywhere at any time thanks to an oil-free piston condenser. This makes compressed air available even where there is no power source. Ideal for flexible use on the construction site and for interior development.

Powerful and Convenient: The Mega Class Compressors

When it comes to professional use in the workshop, the robust Mega Class V-belt compressors are just the right thing for you. The are developed for applications with particularly high air requirements. Their high-quality components and the low speeds make them particularly durable and robust. Metabo Mega Compressors are available in three performance classes between 2.2 kW and 4.0 kW. The tank capacity varies from 50 to 270 litres. All Mega Class Compressors have an oil-lubricated piston condenser and an adjustable, application-based operating pressure up to a maximum of 11 bar. Models with a three-phase motor can be identified by the D in the designation. The two largest compressors Mega 580-200 D and Mega 650-270 D work with a two-stage compression for particularly high performane and long service life.

No matter for which compressor you settle: At Metabo you get high-quality, powerful and durable tools. This is also guaranteed by our tank warranty against rusting, which covers 10 years.