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Air Impact Wrench

Extra high torques for heavy screwdriving applications

An entire series of reasons speaks for the use of Metabo compressed air impact wrenches. Compressed air tools are by nature particularly compact and light compared to mains powered and cordless tools with comparable function. If compressed air is available, they are always a good choice. This is often the case in workshops, however even on the go can mobile compressos permit the use of compressed air tools. Especially for compressed air impact wrenches, compressed air can generate very high torques for screwdriving, which permits even demanding applications. Even maximum loosening torques of over 2000 Nm can be provided. Nevertheless, there are naturally application areas where cordless impact drivers & wrenches from Metabo or hard-wired impact drivers & wrenches are preferred. Following you will learn about the advantages of Metabo compressed air screwdrivers.

The compact power packs for universal screwdriving applications

The small DSSW 360 is delivered in a set with 10 socket wrenches, and you will start right away with many different screwdriving applications up to 360 Nm. More power is offeren by the two air impact wrenches DSSW 500 and DSSW 950. The height of the loosening torque is anchored in the name and thus is 500 and 930 Nm. Thanks to several adjustable torque levels, this power can be dosed very well for the respective screwdriving application. This permits universal use of these models, for example to fix wheel bolts on cars, for assembly work or for repairs. The ergonomic forward/reverse switching permits comfortable one-hand operation. Even the low weight and the user-friendly exhaust guide through the handle ensures good working comfort.

The specialists with maximum screwdriving power

With a loosening torque of 1,690 Nm, the Metabo DSSW 1690 air impact wrench is a strong partner for demanding screwdriving applications. Even jammed wheel bolts on cars and transporters are tacked by this wrench with success. If this power is still too little for you, use a real specialist: The Metabo DSSW 2440 impact wrench does not slack even with very demanding applications. With full 2,440 Nm even tough screwdriving requirements can be tackled. A large bow-type hand and elongated drive spindle for working on drop centre rims make ths particularly robust and powerful compressed air impact wrench an expert in lorry servicing.

Screwdriving accessories, compressors and more for working with compressed air

Metabo's accessory range offers several socket wrench inserts for air impact wrenches. However, that is not all. Metabo is a real system provider also in the area of compressed air. Powerful compressors for workshop and construction site are available in different performance classes. Discover the mobile workshop compressors and the construction site compressors from Metabo and find your favourite for your application. The Metabo compressed air system is professionally complemented with many harmonised system products. Everything around compressed air preparation and compressed air distribution is offered - from the maintenance tool to the plug-in nipple. Well thought out from start to finish - this is compressed air from Metabo.