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Garden Pumps / Submersible Pressure Pumps / Deep Well Pumps


Metabo irrigation pumps - robust and powerful.

With the robust garden pumps, deep well pumps and submersible pressure pumps from Metabo you can for example pump ground water or irrigate your garden with rain water - thus saving 50% of drinking water, wich protects the environment and saves you money. The powerful devices pump service water from the well up to a height of 60 metres. Made from high-quality materials, the pumps are particularly robust and durable.

Let the summer begin with Metabo garden pumps

Garden pumps are desigend for groundwater pumping and garden irrigation. Especiallyat the height of summer garden irrigation can be a full day job. You should consider using a Metabo garden pump to make life easier when watering your garden. Irrigation becomes comfortable and saves time. Depending on the model, up to 6 consumers (garden pump P 9000 G) can be connected. These could be both showers and sprinklers for irrigation. Decisive for the number of consumers is the largest possible delivery rate and the maximum pressure of the respective pump. All garden pumps have a maintenance-free capacitor motor with overload protection. The garden pump P 6000 Inox is additionally equipped with an automatic dry-run protection and its operation is particularly quiet despite the high power.

The submersible pressure pump for deep sources

The Metabo submersible pressure pump TDP 7501 S can be used for direct operation of irrigation systems and for garden irrigation from deep sources, cisterns or wells. The 3-level pump running gear ensures optimal pressure buildup depending on the application. Thanks to adjustable float switch this pump is also ideally suited for automatic operation. The integrated check valve reliably prevents the running dry of the water line. The durable motor has an integrated overload protection to protect from overheating.

Metabo deep well pumps for maximum delivery output

These Metabo pumps are constructed especially to pump water from great depths such as bore wells or shafts. You can reuse available water to irrigate your water at the same time and to do something good for the environment. The Metabo deep well pumps can submerse up to 20 metres and manage an impressive delivery height of 55 to 60 metres (depending on the model). The deep well pump TBP 4000 M has a 7-level , the TBP 5000 M even an 8-level pump running gear that permits this enormous delivery output. All jobs in the area of garden irrigation and groundwater pumping, as well as the pumping, pumping out, pumping empty and circulation of clear water is no problem for these powerful generalists.

In the accessories for water and pump technology you can find numerous adapter, connections, hoses and sets. Also garden showers and sprinklers are included in the Metabo range.

The Metabo pump range offers many more pumps for drainage and for the domestic water supply.