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Quick, professional and the ideal partner. The Metabo service.

Do you have a defective Metabo tool, would you like to order a spare part, have a machine repaired or have a query regarding your repair order?

At our Nürtingen headquarters, qualified Metabo service employees will be pleased to attend to your needs. In the case of repairs, simply leave your power tool with your specialist dealer. We will have the machine collected, ensure a professional repair and a maintenance and safety check - and this not only in just 24 hours, but also at fair calculated fixed prices. On average, more than 95 percent of the machines we receive leave our service centre the very same evening in full working condition, cleaned, and can subsequently be collected the following day from the specialist dealer.

As most of the 2,000 or so Metabo specialist dealers use our service system, professionals all over Germany can always count on a contact person nearby if the need arises - this ensures that you can resume your work without a long delay. As a special plus, we also automatically grant a six-months' warranty without limitation on any power tool repaired in the Metabo service centre.

Service Center

Postal address:

Metabowerke GmbH
International Service Center (ISC)
Metabo-Allee 1
D-72622 Nürtingen