Make your garden cordless.

The new cordless garden range from Metabo: Whether in horticulture and landscaping or also when caring for green spaces and parks - the Metabo cordless garden tools support you in the different application areas. From mowing, cutting, trimming and maintaining to cleaning.
Powerful. Comfortable. Cordless.

Cordless Alliance System: Ein Akku für alles.

You will find all the freedom in the 18 volt class with the Cordless Alliance System. 100% compatible with Metabo and CAS partner machines.

3 year battery pack warranty

3 year battery pack warranty without limitation of the charging cycles

Runtimes at a glance

You would like to know which machine achieves the best runtime with which battery pack?

In this overview you have everything at a glance: Machine, application, battery pack and runtime.

Cordless garden tools

Overall Metabo garden programme

In addition to an extensive cordless range, many other mains-powered tools, such as mains-powered hedge trimmers and pumps.