Compact all-purpose vacuum cleaners as mains-powered and cordless models

In dust classes L, M and H, for any application.


The new all-purpose vacuum cleaners with 2x18 Volt and mains-powered operation from Metabo are the ideal companions on the construction site. The compact wet/dry vacuum cleaners have many clever details for easy transport, a manual filter cleaning and new "Quick" accessories for fast change of the suction attachments with one click.



All-purpose vacuum cleaner

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Clean and healthy, for any application
With cordless and mains-powered vacuum cleaners for all dust classes, Metabo offers solutions that provide optimal protection to the user. For any application.

Dust class L

- Filter separation efficiency
of 99 %
- Dust with AGW values
≥ 1 mg/m3
- Slightly hazardous dusts, e.g. domestic dust, chalk

Dust class M

- Filter separation efficiency
of 99.9 %
- Dust with AGW values
≥ 0.1 mg/m3
- Dust of medium hazard e.g. wood dusts (beech / oak)
- Mineral dust class M e.g. quartz dust

Dust class H

- Filter separation efficiency
of 99.995 %
- Dust with AGW values
< 0.1 mg/m3
- Carcinogenic dust
e.g. mould


Start/Stop set CordlessControl

Extraction with start/stop automatic mechanism


Mains-powered vacuum cleaners no longer have to be switched on/off separately when using cordless tools. The start/stop CordlessControl set takes care of this. The vacuum cleaner is automatically switched on/off by detecting vibrations.



The new "Quick" accessories

  • Easy and comfortable changing of attachments with one click
  • No loosening while working
  • Firm connection thanks to the klick mechanism
  • Fasat adaption to the extraction application
  • Practical hose extension for even mobility.

The Metabo vacuum cleaners at a glance.

More information and all product benefits of the new range of mains-powered and cordless vacuum cleaners can be found here.


New cordless vacuum cleaners

Now you can be more mobile with the compact cordless vacuum cleaners.

All-purpose vacuum cleaners, wet/dry vacuum cleaners, extraction system, dust extractors

All-purpose vacuum cleaners from Metabo for effective vacuuming and extraction

All-purpose vacuum cleaners ensure a clean workplace and low-dust working in the workshop and on the construction site. When sawing, drilling, grinding, milling and planing, different types of chips and dust are generated that have a negative effect on the user and pollute the work environment. Professional users therefore use extraction systems that are connected directly to the power tool. They directly extract the often hazardous chips and dust. Metabo wet/dry vacuum cleaners with commercial registration are ideally suited for this. They have an integrated power socked for the power tool, which permits automatic switchin on and off of the vacuum cleaner in sync with the power tool. Thanks to their compact design, the all-purpose vacuum cleaners from Metabo are ideally suited for mobile use. If you want to vacuum and extract completely independent from the mains, choose the AS 18 L PC cordless vacuum cleaner from Metabo. It is operated with an 18 volt battery pack. We recommend the use of an LiHD high-performance battery pack for particularly long runtimes.

Certified for low-dust working for every application

All Metabo all-purpose vacuum cleaners are certified in one of the dust classes L, M or H. The dust class is anchored in the name of the vacuum cleaner. The particularly compact AS 20 L has a tank volume of 20 liters and is one of the wet/dry vacuum cleaners certified for dust class L. It comprises harmless and only slightly hazardous dust. The all-purpose vacuum cleaners ASR M ACP and ASR 50 M SC are even certified for dust class M. Medium-hazardous types of dust, e.g. from beech and ash, and even most mineral dusts can be disposed of professionally and in a low-dust manner. For particularly demanding extraction applications such as when renovating after mould, Metabo also offers a vacuum cleaner of class H, the ASR 35 H ACP. This vacuum cleaner guarantees maximum user safety also when extracting highly hazardous dust.

Filter cleaning for maximum extraction performance

When using disposal bags, the filter cleaning is of great importance to the dust-free disposal of the extracted material. To use the full extraction power, the filter must be cleaned regularly. Metabo offers different technologies for filter cleaning. For vacuum cleaners with the PressClean technology (PC), the filter is cleaned at the touch of a button. The user decides when the powerful reverse air flow cleans the filter. Vacuum cleaners with SelfClean function (SC) shake your filters clean without any manual interference. You can use the break between jobs so that you have full extraction power available again for the next job. Even more effective and also suited for continuous operation is the time-saving AutoCleanPlus technology. The filter cleaning is fully automated, even while working. No breaks are needed to clean the filters. We strongly recommend this technology when working with power tools that generate plenty of dust, such as wall chasers, diamond cutting systems, renovation milling machines, renovation grinders or long-neck grinders.

Metabo system accessories for dust-free working

There is an extensive range of accessories for the Metabo all-purpose vacuum cleaners: For each vacuum cleaner there are numerous suction hoses, adapter, suction tubes, nozzles, filter bags and filters on offer. However, this is not everything. Extraction hoods for angle grinders that work with diamond discs in stone, suction adapters for impact drills and rotary hammers and chipping hammers, dust extraction drill bits with SDS-plus and SDS-max shank end and other sensible accessory products that have a common goal: Dust-free working that protect the user's health in any application.