Productivity is when everything is ok below the line.

We would like that every Metabo machine ensures the best possible work results with maximum performance with the best investment return your company. Our machines achieve this by the successful combination of above-average capacity, reliability and durability: three decisive factors that ensure highest productivity and prolonged efficiency in hard industrial use.

Reduction of sick leave

  • Reducing the risk of the Raynaud's syndrome ("White finger disease“ or “HAVS”) by virtue of extremely low vibration values – thanks to our Autobalancer and Metabo VibraTech (MVT) handle.

  • Work longer without interruptions, as tri-axial vibration thresholds of 5 m/sec2 are clearly undercut – thanks to the same Autobalancer and Metabo Vibra-Tech (MVT) side handle.

Time saving thanks to more efficient working

  • Work up to 75 percent longer without having to charge or change your battery (compared to standard 3.0 Ah battery packs) – thanks to 5.2 Ah battery and Metabo Ultra-M-Technology.

Cost savings thanks to fewer servicing costs, accessory purchases and replacement tools.

  • Extremely long service life and long service intervals thanks to long-life carbon brushes.

  • Lower risk of machine failure thanks to Metabo Marathon Motor with excellent overload protection.

  • Extended service life of the grinding
    media thanks to precise coordination of machine and cutting and/or grinding disc.

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