When it really counts

Day after day, Metabo products prove their efficiency, in professional use - in the hardest of conditions - worldwide.
User protection and safety are of highest priority here. Therefore we also offer extraction solutions to create a better and healthier working environment for the user to get the best results.

Advantages of Metabo machines

In all Metabo machines there are technologies delivering special features and benefits.

Dust Extraction

The automatic filter cleaning in our all-purpose vacuum cleaner lets you work without interruption and with its automatic switch-on feature it makes the perfect partner for our power tools.

Cordless systems

Being a leader in battery pack technology, we consequently follow the vision of a cordless construction site in order to provide our users with even more independence.

Stainless steel

If you want a perfect finish, you need perfect machines: the NEW Metabo Stainless Steel range.

Motor technology

As enduring as you are. More powerful than ever before.


Our tools are characterized by convincing technical solutions and offer you many benefits.


The tougher the job, the more important it is to offer best possible protection for the user of power tools. Metabo machines for industrial applications fully meet all relevant specifications.

System solutions

For maximum productivity and optimum work results.

Services provided

Quick, professional and the ideal partner. The Metabo service.