Social Responsibility

At the Metabo Group, we are conscious of our social responsibility,and we base our actions on universal, ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, legality, respect for human rights, openness and non-discrimination due to religion, world view, gender and ethics. We reject corruption and fraud, and stand for fair competition. Sustainable business practices and protecting our employees are a key part of our corporate culture, to ensure health and occupational safety.

All of our employees are responsible for complying with this Code of Conduct and with the following principles. The Metabo Group lives out these principles and ensures they are complied with, even when the regulations we have established for ourselves exceed legal requirements. Likewise, we require our customers and suppliers to observe the requirements of our Code of Conduct.

Legal compliance

We comply with applicable laws and other regulations applicable to the company, no matter what country we are working in.

In particular, we observe relevant laws and regulations on imports and exports, not only in conjunction with our products, but also with all kinds of freight and technology.

No fraud and corruption

We reject fraud and corruption in accordance with the UN Convention and with national regulations.

We promote transparency, acting with integrity and responsible management and controlling within our company in an appropriate way.

Fair competition

We follow clean, recognized business practices and ensure fair competition, and we focus on professional behavior and high-quality work.

Occupational safety and health protection

We guarantee compliance with occupational and employment laws.

We protect our employees from hazards at the workplace and support measures to promote health.

Wages, social benefits and working hours correspond at least to the local statutory standards and requirements.

Compliance with basic and human rights

We stand up for compliance with fundamental freedom and the international bill for human rights, and we do not tolerate any discrimination based on national and ethnical origin, social background, health status, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, political opinion, religion, or ideology. We stand up for equal opportunities.

We support the prohibition against forced labor of any kind. In addition, we protect our employees against physical punishments and against physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or harassment.

We work to protect and ensure the rights to freedom of opinion, free expression and the freedom of assembly.

Our company complies with the prohibition against child labor and observes legal regulations on the minimum working age.

Environmental protection

Our products, services and processes are designed to ensure environmentally-friendly practices. We respect environmental requirements at all of our sites and handle natural resources responsibly.