Great robustness: The most important thing if tools are in a tough environment.

We would like that every Metabo machine ensures the best possible work results with maximum performance with the best investment return your company. Our machines achieve this by the successful combination of above-average capacity, reliability and durability: three decisive factors that ensure highest productivity and prolonged efficiency in hard industrial use.

Process safety thanks to reliable tools

  • Long service life of bearings and carbon brushes
    by virtue of the Autobalancer minimising vibrations.

  • Long service life of the products
    by virtue of extremely robust Metabo Marathon motor with dust-repellent coil guard.

  • Longer service life of the grinding media
    by virtue of minimal vibrations, thus less and more uniform disc wear.

Cost savings thanks to long service life

  • 75% longer service life of the Metabo 5.2 Ah battery packs
    (compared to standard 3.0 Ah battery packs) thanks to the same number of possible charging cycles with higher capacity.

  • Longer service life due to gentle charging and discharging thanks to Metabo Ultra-M technology:
    Ideal synchronisation and perfect communication between machine, battery pack and charger.

  • Up to 5 times longer between service intervals
    due to the extremely robust Metabo Marathon motor with dust-repellent coil guard

Maximum stability

  • Optimal heat dissipation and maximum stability
    thanks to the robust die cast aluminium gear housing.
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