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Domestic Waterworks / Automatic Domestic Water Systems


Domestic water supply with Metabo - reliable and safe

Domestic waterworks and automatic domestic water systems from Metabo are ideal for automatic domestic water supply. Both device types supply water for house and garden depending on the demand. The domestic waterwork has its own robust steel tank where permanently smaller to medium-sized quantities of 25 to 100 litres (depending on model) of water are stored under pressure. The automatic domestic water system on the other hand supplies the service water directly from the source, the well or the cistern. Both the domestic waterwork and the automatic domestic water systems from Metabo have a maintenance-free capacitor motor with overload protection and are equipped with a high-quality mechanical seal system. Clever details for a long service life of the Metabo domestic waterworks and automatic domestic water systems. Apart from the water supply, these devices can also be used to increae or maintain the pressure in the water supply system. Other application areas are garden irrigation and groundwater pumping. The domestic water supply pumps from Metabo are real all-rounders.

The domestic waterworks - an environmentally-friendly water supplier

With domestic waterworks from Metabo you supply your WC flushing, the washing machine and other household appliances automatically and in an environmentally-friendly way with free rain or well water. These devices always hold a water supply of up to 100 litres (domestic waterwork HWW 9000/100 G) in their robust tanks. This permits particularly low-noise and energy-saving supply of service water. For larger water quantities the pump of the waterwork is activated automatically to cover additional demand. Most domestic waterworks are equipped with the Metabo pump protection. This automatic dry-run protection offers maximum safety for man and machine. Both complete systems HWWI 3500/25 Inox and HWWI 4500/25 Inox have filters and check valves integrated from the start in their compact design and can thus be taken into operation very quickly.

The automatic domestic water system for water supply and irrigation

Metabo automatic domestic water systems are particularly intelligent and energy-saving: They automatically pump the required water quantity when a connected water tap is opened or an appliance is switched on. The automatic domestic water system equipped with a dry-run protection are also suited for garden irrigation, for circulation and pumping out. Three models with different delivery output of 3,500 l/h to 6,000 l/h are available. The HWA 6000 Inox that is equipped with a mutli-level pump running gear has the highest output. For example, up to 4 sprinklers for garden irrigation can be connected to it. The automatic domestic water system HWAI 4500 Inox is a complete system where the filter and check valve are already integrated. This makes installation fast and easy.
No matter how you decide, whether domestic waterworks or automatic domestic water system, with solutions from Metabo for the water supply in house and garden you play it safe.

In the accessories for water and pump technology section you will find numerous adapter, connections, hoses and sets.

Other pumps for drainage of cellars or construction pits and for irrigation as well as groundwater pumping are included in the Metabo pump range.