• Adapters


Coupling bushes
Order no.
Coupling bush internal Ø 28 mm / external Ø 35 mm (630798000)
  • Universal connection bush for most hand-held power tools. Standard connection bush of the Metabo suction hoses.
  • Conducts electricity; with non-slip internal corrugation
  • Suitable for power tools with an extraction connection with inner diameter of 35 mm
  • Suitable for power tools with an extraction connection with outer diameter of 28 mm

Material: Plastic
Outer Ø: 35 mm
Inner Ø: 28 mm
Order no.
Adapter Ø 30/35 mm (624996000)
  • For connecting the suction hose with connector Ø 35 mm to an extraction nozzle Ø 30 mm

Adapter Ø 35/58 mm, for extraction (630316000)
  • For connecting the suction hoses with connection Ø 35 mm to an extraction nozzle Ø 58 mm. Adapter is part of the dust extraction set 630828000.

Order no.
Handle adapter, for dust extraction (630317000)
  • As handle, for attaching between the suction hoses and the suction pipes
  • Standard equipment for ASR 2025, ASR 2050 and SHR 2050 M

Order no.
Y-piece, Ø 58 mm, for extraction (630897000)
  • Y-double connection made from plastic, with bayonet connection to connect 2 suction hoses independent of the hose diameter, for uniform independent working, length: 16 cm
  • Suitable for Metabo accessory system Ø 35 and Ø 45 mm
  • With Ø 58 mm connector and two Ø 58 mm openings for use in the Metabo multi-purpose vacuum cleaners and the special purpose vacuum cleaner

Connector with bayonet fitting
Order no.
Bayonet adapter, for extraction (630898000)
  • Can be connected to Metabo tools with bayonet closure
  • Bayonet connector for connection to all Ø 35mm Metabo suction hoses (remove connection sleeve from the suction hose beforehand)
  • Suitable for: SXE 450 Turbotec; SXE 425 TURBOTEC; Of E 1229 Signal; KSE 55 Vario Plus; KS 66 Plus; KS 66; KSE 55 Vario Plus

Reducing sleeves
Order no.
Reducing sleeve Ø 58/35 mm, for extraction (631364000)

Connector Ø: 58 / 35 mm
Connecting sleeve
Order no.
Connecting sleeve Ø 58 mm, for extraction (631365000)
  • For joining two suction hoses with connector Ø 58 mm