Cordless circular saws

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Cordless plunge cut circular saw for powerful plunge cutting.

Powerful plunging action and precise cuts with a unique cutting depth up to 66 mm - this is how the new 18 volt cordless plunge cut circular saw KT 18 LTX 66 BL impresses. Maximum power and enduring sawing is permitted thanks to the powerful Metabo Brushless motor and the LiHD high-performance battery packs.

Unique cutting depth up to 66 mm
Powerful plunging and precise cuts
Maximum power and enduring sawing

thanks to powerful Metabo brushless motor and LiHD high-performance battery pack

Low-dust sawing

thanks to large-volume dust bag or by connecting a vacuum cleaner

Precise cutting results with guide rails

Long-running use

more than 100 metres of sawing in coated chipboard (19 mm)

per battery pack LiHD 8.0 Ah