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New brushless SDS-Plus cordless combination hammers

Powerful. Robust. Extremely long-lasting.

Metabo Quick

fast, tool-free chuck for working with SDS-plus and straight shank drill bits

Vario Tacho Constamatic (VTC) Full-wave Electronics

for working at customised speeds, which remain constant under load, to suit various application materials

Electronic soft start

for precise spot drilling

LED work light

for optimum view of the drilling site

The cordless SDS-max combination hammer in the 5kg class.

The most powerful in its class with 8.6 joule


The solution for demanding applications is now also available with battery pack. The new KHA 18 LTX BL 40 for hammer drilling and chiselling, impresses with highest drilling output and long service life. With fastest drill speed and highest material removal you can manage any task. Vibration protection is ensured by Metabo VibraTech MVT with double dampening.

Highest drilling power
  • Fastest drilling speed
  • Excellent demolition performance
    thanks to the brushless motor and optimized high-performance hammer action
Vibration protection

thanks to Metabo VibraTech (MVT) with dual damping

Long service life
  • Maintenance-free with brushless technology:
    eliminating the need for carbon brushes
  • Sturdy cast aluminum housing protects the motor and gears
Accessory tips

Which Metabo hammer for which application?

Discover the rotary hammers, combination hammers, chipping hammers and multi hammers:

Metabo divides its hammer range into the following categories:


  • Multi hammers: four functions (hammer drilling, drilling in two speeds and chiselling)
  • Combination hammers: three functions (hammer drilling, drilling, chiselling)
  • Rotary hammers: two functions (hammer drilling and drilling)
  • Chipping hammers: one function (chiselling)

Cordless Hammers / Cordless Combination Hammers / Cordless Rotary Hammers


Drilling, hammer drilling and chiselling without cable

With the 18V cordless hammers from Metabo you can drill holes in concrete up to a maximum diameter of 24 mm. The two largest cordless combination hammers KHA 36-18 LTX 32 and KHA 36 LTX manage even 32 mm in concrete without any problems. The battery-powered hammers thus can very well keep up with mains-powered SDS-plus rotary and chipping hammers. Equipped with high-performance hammer action, the cordles hammers deliver a very high single-impact energy for fast work progress in concrete and masonry. For chiselling also cordless combination hammers with rotation stop can be used. Almost all cordless combination hammers are operated with 18 volt battery packs. In addition to the cordless hammer KHA 36-18 LTX 32 that uses two 18 volt battery packs, there is the KHA 36 LTX, almost identical in design, which is operated with a 36 volt battery pack.

Dust-free drilling in concrete, stone and masonry

In closed rooms or areas sensitive to dust, dust-free drilling is needed. This is where the cordless hammer KHA 18 LTX BL 24 Quick comes in. It has an integrated extraction interface that permits dust-free drilling. The compact dust extraction ISA 18 LTX 24 is mounted quickly and without tools to the cordless hammer. It has a HEPA filter that catches even the smallest dust particles while drilling. The drilling capacity is maintained at 100% with this active dust extraction. 3 seconds delay after switching off the cordless hammer remove the residual dust from the drilled hole. This cordless combination hammer with dust extraction is unbeatable also when drilling over head. The dust extraction unit ISA 18 LTX 24 can also be ordered as accessory and can be retrofitted.

Metabo SDS-plus accessories for rotary and chipping hammers

Thanks to the SDS-plus tool holder of the cordless hammers the accessories can be changed in a jiffy. Hammer drill bit out, chisel in and off you go. In addition to the hammer also the quality of the accessory used is of great importance for perfect work results. Metabo offers an extensive range of high-quality SDS-plus hammer drills and SDS-plus chisels. Different quality classes with different product characteristics are available for the drills and chisels for the individual requirements. Standard diameters of the drills are available as an assortment in the respective quality class. Quick hammers are suited for drilling in wood and metal. The hammer chuck can be replaced without tools with the supplied keyless chuck for tools with cylindrical shaft. Like this any standard cylindrical wood or metal drill bit can be securely clamped and used.

Discover cordless freedom - now cross-manufacturer!


The Metabo cordless combination hammers of the 18 volt class can be operated with any 18 volt battery pack from Metabo. Since hammer drilling and chiseling are very power-intensive applications, the use of LiHD battery packs with high-performance cells is recommended. However, also standard Li-Power battery packs can be used. Maybe you are also using different Metabo battery packs with different capacities in alternation? No problem with 100% compatibility within the voltage class. Obviously they can be recharged with the same chargers so they will be ready for use. With immediate effect also the battery packs from other brands of the CAS partners can be used. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System", the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market. More information can be found here: