Combination lamellar grinding discs - KLS

Combination flap disc 125 mm, coarse, WS (626369000)
Disco abrasivo de láminas combinado - KLS
  • Made from high-quality pink aluminium oxide fabric in combination with high-quality grinding fleece.
  • For removal of material to fine polish in a single process. Very even grinding/polishing results with good material removal.
  • For processing weld seams for example, and for grinding or polishing. For removing minor scratches and damage to the work piece.
  • Suitable for grinding, cleaning and finishing work on stainless steel, steel, coloured and light metals, titanium alloys␍ Maximum working speed: 80 m/s␍Recommended speed: 3,000 min-1
Diameter x bore Grit Order no. Price incl. tax
125 x 5 x 22.237/8 mm Coarse 626369000 0,00 €
125 x 5 x 22.237/8 mm medium 626370000 0,00 €
125 x 5 x 22.237/8 mm Coarse 626415000 0,00 €
125 x 5 x 22.237/8 mm medium 626416000 0,00 €
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