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New stirrers RWE 1200 / RWEV 1200-2 / RWEV 1600-2

New stirrers with 1,200 and 1,600 watts of power.

Stirrers / Mixer / Concrete Stirrers / Mortar Stirrers / Hand-held Stirrer

Metabo stirrers for mixing and stirring of building materials

There is plenty to do for a stirrer on any construction site. Stirring concrete, mortar or joint filler are among the main applications here that demand quite a bit from the stirrers. Only when the building materials are thoroughly mixed at the right ratio they will become a homogeneous mass and can be processed in a clean manner. The most important requirements of the craftsman for a mixer are robustness, easy handling, low weight and a powerful motor with speed setting for the respective applications. Metabo has a total of five powerful stirrers in its programme range. One of them is the 18 volt cordless stirrer RW 18 LTX 120 for stirring applications independent from mains power, which is in no way inferior to the corresponding mains-powered machine.

Robust stirrers with 4 metres of rubber cable

The four stirrers from 1020 to 1600 have a lot in common. They weigh less than 5 kilogrammes and have a particularly ergonomic handle positioning for guiding the tool without the need for much power. Robust rubber corners protect the housing and permit safe depositing or resting of the stirrer. The light stirrer RWE 1020 is also suited for particularly viscous materials for a mixing quantity of 30 litres and a stirrer diameter of 120 millimetres. The speed can be controlled via the speed control trigger. The three more powerful models RWEV 1200, RWEV 1200-2 and RWEV 1600-2 are even more comfortable.They have a thumbwheel for speed preselection and special electronics that starts up softly and also maintains the speed even under load. The most powerful model is the stirrer RWEV 1600-2 with 1600 Watt, which, just like the 1200 Watt stirrer 1200-2, has a powerful two-speed gearbox for even more power, for example when stirring particularly viscous materials. A mixing quantity of 90 litres can be stirred for example in one mixing process without any problems using a 160 mm stirrer paddle.

Powerful stirring and mixing on the cordless construction site

How do you sir mortar if there is no power outlet nearby? Obviously with the cordless stirrer RWE 18 LTX 120 from Metabo. It is equipped with soft start for splash-free stirring even for inviscid materials and has variable speeds that remain almost constant even under load. The overload protection protections the machine from overloading in the event of demanding applications. The 18 volt battery pack sits on top of the machine and thus provides power and at the same time a perfect balance when guiding the machine. The LiHD high-performance battery pack with a total of 8 Ampere hours is the ideal source of energy for long runtimes. Naturally, the stirrer can be can be operated with any 18 volt battery pack from Metabo. The slide-on battery packs are changed in a jiffy and you can continue working. The battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners can also be used at any time. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System“, the world's most powerful battery pack system on the market, based on Metabo's 30 years of competence and experience in battery pack technology. Discover the new dimension of the CAS battery pack system:

Stirrer paddles from Metabo for effective mixing

For particularly heavy, viscous or sticky materials we recommend Metabo stirrer paddles with a mixing action from bottom to top. Practically, the stirrer screws itself into the material on its own. Contrary to liquid and runny building materials. Here, stirrer paddles with a mixing action from top to bottom are used. The spirals push the material from to the bottom for splash-free working. A special stirrer for materials that are viscous and tend to clump can also be found in the Metabo accessories for stirrers. It is particularly suited for self-levelling filler and levelling mixes, bitumen coatings, putty, epoxy resin coatings, etc..