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SDS-max combination hammers

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SDS-max Combination Hammers / Rotary Hammers / Chipping Hammers

Hammer drilling and chiselling with Metabo SDS-max hammers

Metabo combination hammers and chipping hammers that are equipped with an SDS-max bit retainer, are constructed for particularly demanding application areas with highest requirements. Drilling and chiselling in concrete and stone are extremely demanding on machine and tools. A high impact energy is required for fast work progress. It is mainly determined by two things: on the one hand by the power of the motor and on the other hand by the impact mechanism of the hammer that applies the force to the tool. High-quality hammer drill bits and chisels ideally complement the performance of the Metabo hammer. Maximum drill performance or the best chiselling results can be achieved only when all components of the hammer system are adapted to one another. Metabo get to the heart of both: Powerful SDS-max hammers and a high-quality range of accessories for hammer drilling and chiselling.

Combination hammers from Metabo for changing application areas

When you have to hammer drill and chisel alternatively, an SDS-max combination hammer is the ideal power tool . A total of three Metabo combination hammers is equipped with brushless motor. The brushless technology stands for extremely long service life and highest drilling and chipping peformance. The KHEV 5-40 BL is a light 5 kg brushless hammer, the combination hammer KHEV 8-45 BL is part of the 8 kg class and the KHEV 11-52 BL is a powerful hammer in the 11 kg class with 1,500 Watt. All three are particularly powerful representatives of their class thanks to brushless motor and high-impact mechanism. Vibrations are an important topic also for hammers. Even here, the brushless hammers impress with their double-effective anti-vibration system. Further safety functions are the soft start and the S-automatic safety clutch that immediately decouple the drive mechanically when the drill bit jams in the material. The generated reverse torque on the user (kickback) is thus reduced extremely. Maximum user safety is always top priority for Metabo.

SDS-max chipping hammers with maximum performance

For pure chiselling work, Metabo offers weight-optimised, powerful SDS-max chipping hammers. Up to 20 Joule of single-impact energy hit stone or concrete strike after strike. The chipping hammers MHEV 5 BL and MHEV 11 BL are equipped with a maintenance-free brushless motor for highest material removal.

SDS-max hammer drill bits and chisels for high requirements

Every power tool can only be as good as the tool used. This applies also and in particular when hammer drilling and chiselling. Metabo therefore recommends the use of Metabo accessories for SDS-max combination hammers and chipping hammers. SDS-max drill bits and chisel bits from Metabo have particularly high-quality properties and complement the Metabo hammers in an ideal manner: Quick drilling progress and highest material removal when chiselling. Different quality classes cover any range of requirement, also SDS-max dust extraction drill bits or alternatively the extraction set ESA max for low-dust drilling are part of the range. Concrete core cutters with SDS-max shaft in diameters from 45 mm to 80 mm are also available. A coordinated and sophisticated system for work results that meet even the highest of expectations.