• Transport accessories

Transport accessories

Transport accessories
Order no.
metaBOX trolley (626894000)
  • Maximum mobility in the workshop and on the construction site
  • Easy transport of metaBox and working material up to 100 kg
  • High degree of flexibility thanks to 4 rubberised castors that can be turned by 360° and 2 lock brakes
  • Comfortable coupling of the bottom metaBOX with the trolley thanks to foot operation
  • Side handles for easy carrying
  • Recesses for hanging in clamping straps to secure the load
  • Suitable for metaBOX and metaBOX L

metaBOX adapter plate (626895000)
  • For the securing and orderly placement of boxes in the vehicle
  • Suitable for Sortimo vehicle equipment Globelyst and SR5
  • Easy removal of the metaBOX by lifting from the handle
  • Suitable for metaBOX and metaBOX L
  • Easy and fast fixing in the vehicle equipment with the supplied screws