• Spherical burr for aluminium (sphere/D shape)

Spherical burr for aluminium (sphere/D shape)

Carbide burr, KUD 121156 / 6 - Alu (628376000)
Carbide burrs, spherical shape, KUD shape/ Alu
  • Carbide burr with special aluminium serration for processing soft, long-chip materials such as aluminium and plastics. The aluminium serration permits a high chip removal rate and high cutting performance with smooth operation.
  • Application examples: Deburring, machining of contours, processing of surfaces, milling of hard to reach places, machining of narrow angles
  • For processing contours and deburring of internal bores
Head Ø Working length Overall length Shaft Ø Serration Order no.
12 mm 11 mm 56 mm 6 mm Aluminium serration 628376000