Standard suction hose set, 7 m (0903061235)

  • For connection to the suction side of all garden pumps and domestic water / automatic domestic waterworks with 1" female thread/male thread
  • Suitable for drawing from wells, cisterns, ponds or streams
  • 1" suction hose, transparent, with incorporated rigid PVC coil, buckling-proof and non-abrasive
  • Strainer with shackle to attach a floating ball
  • Consisting of:
  • 1" Suction hose
  • Hose clamps, steel galvanised
  • Brass connector, 1" female thread
  • Brass double nipple, 1" male thread
  • Brass hose nozzle/O-ring, 1" male thread
  • Brass check valve, 1" female thread with strainer, special steel
The machine shown may differ in equipment and technical details depending on the configuration.
Kindly pay attention to delivery scope and product description.
Accessories included only if listed in the delivery scope.
Inner Ø
25 mm
Wall thickness
3.2 mm
Bending radius
100 mm
7 m
Operating pressure
6 bar
Burst pressure
18 bar
Temperature resistance
0 - 60 °C
Water column (vacuum)
7 m