• Flange nuts

Flange nuts

Quick-locking nuts
Order no.
"Quick" flange nut M 14 (630800000)
  • For all angle grinders, suitable also for other brands (required free spindle length min. 8 mm); required thread connection M 14; tool-free disc change

Metabo M "Quick" flange nut M 14/EWS (630802000)
  • Especially for Metabo Quick system for tool-less disc change at the touch of a button. Suitable for all small Metabo angle grinders with M-Quick spindle button, except W 6-115, W 6-125, WB 11-125 required thread connection M 14

Quick-locking nut M 14 (630832000)
  • Especially for angle grinders up to Ø 150 mm, for tool-free disc change. Required thread connection M 14.
  • Delivery in counter display when ordering 10 pieces (sales unit: 1)

Flange nut
Order no.
Flange nut M 14 (630706000)
  • For all angle grinders with M 14-spindle thread