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Circular Saws / Plunge-cut Saws


Powerful Metabo circular saws for precise cuts

Circular saws from Metabo are used wherever straight cuts in massive wood or panel material are required. Powerful motors between 1,200 Watt and 1,800 Watt ensure powerful sawing output and fast work progress. The cutting depth can be inifitely adjusted from 0 millimetres to the maximum cutting depth that is for a non-inclinde saw blade, depending on the model, between 55 and 68 millimetres. Particularly light and compact are the 1,200 Watt circular saw KS 55 and the KS 55 FS that can be used directly in guide rails from Metabo or other manufacturers. The are fitted with a 160 mm saw blade and are ideal for universal construction site use. The most powerful saw is the KSE 68 Plus with a 1,800 Watt motor that is equipped with overload protection. It has a maximum cutting depth of 68 milllimetres and an adjustable speed for material-matched sawing. A Metabo all-purpose vacuum cleaner for the external chip extraction can be connected to all Metabo circular saws. A perfect combination for health-friendly working and a clean workplace.

The cordless circular saw for universal use on construction sites

Metabo offers a compact cordless circular saw for sawing independent from the mains. The KS 18 LTX 57 is operated with an 18 Volt battery pack. Ideal for the powerful cordless saw are te LiHD battery packs with high-performance cells, however any other Metabo battery pack with 18 Volt can be used. Within the large 18 Volt class, Metabo guarantees 100% compatibility between machine, battery pack and charger. Also battery packs of other leading brands of the CAS partners can be used. CAS stands for "Cordless Alliance System“, the world's most efficient battery pack system on the market. Discover the large CAS battery pack system: www.cordless-alliance-system.de

Circular saw and plunge-cut saw in one machine

A plunge-cut saw permits the user to directly plunge into the workpiece with the saw blade. The plunge function is ideal for sawing of cutouts for example for sinks or ventilation shafts. The plunge cut circular saw KSE 55 Vario Plus unites the full-featured functions of a plunge cut sw and a circular saw in one machine. It is also ideal for cuts near the wall. The speed is variable and permits material-matched sawing in different materials. Also under load the speed remains constant and ensures fast work progress.

Guide rails, saw blades and more


For particularly precise and straight cuts, the circular saws are put on the Metabo guide rails FS that are available in 4 lengths. The smallest FS 80 is 80 centimetres long, the longest FS 310 measures an impressive 310 centimetres. The gudie rails have a splinter protection for low-tear sawing and a cling-fit surface for safe hold on the workpiece. The large Metabo saw blade programme offers high-quality circular saw blades with different application profiles. From rough cutting of construction timber to precise cuts in laminate or veneered chipboards - there is a matching saw blade for any application area in the relevant diameters. Metabo saw blades are particularly durable and are characterised by a long tool life.

Mitre saws

Our top seller: Metabo miter saws

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